Defining Empathicism

From the words of LORD TOPH

“Empathicism,” is a new fine art style which I have been developing and defining for quite some time now.  The aim of my “empathicistic” style (if you will), is to translate the emotional connection from the artist, to the work, to the viewer.  Unlike most classical styles, “Empathicism” begins prior to the artist’s creative illustration of a chosen subject.  The style itself is literally being defined by the application process of medium to canvas (or surface), as well as the artist’s emotional execution.  These factors aid in divulging the title and/or subject matter of the work.  Emotional execution and feeling which are being transferred to stroke become the catalysts for depicting an empathicistic theme.  Virtually, any subject can be significant in translating the style and technique of Empathicism; yet the choice of subject matter is the key aspect of representing the style.

Empathicism is best defined through metaphoric imagery that stimulates the psyche of the viewer to feel beyond seeing the work from an analytical point of view.  The main objective of Empathicism is to evoke emotion beyond an impression and to clearly challenge the expression of one’s inner-self.

LORD TOPH’s “If Only I…Were a Butterfly” (#oil on #canvas board, approx. 4ft. 6ft.)

The imagination often plays a major part in Empathicism. Here, a woman is portrayed sitting nude on a dandelion nestled knoll, transcending through meditation and reshaping into the form of something quite magical. As she focuses on her inner consciousness, the words reverberate throughout her being… “If only I were a butterfly.” At that very moment, a fantastic metamorphosis begins. She is enveloped by big, brilliantly colored wings and their colors stream fluidly about her skin and amidst her hair. She is at peace as the creature she imagines herself to be… both spiritually and physically. #empathy #divine #divineenergy #divinefeminine #spiritualhealing #spiritualwellness #meditation #fineart

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