Christiane of “Beyond the Glimpse”

“Beyond The Glimpse” is a photography brand that offers more than pictures. Beyond the Glimpse is an entrance to a new way of perception. Discover images that enhance reality to enable the viewer to see the world as though they have fallen deeply in love with life.

Witness imagery vibrant and lush in color, close-up and intimate, vast and sublime… And sometimes surreal, yet always reflecting a deep relation between the observer and the object.

The artist who created “Beyond the Glimpse” is named, Christiane. Born in 1967, her creative life has spanned from music, crafts and art from her early childhood. In her twenties she intensely explored the musical field as a singer in various bands and projects. She then decided to join the corporate world working for a musicians magazine and thus still in the area that supports the creative outlet of many people in general. Her main aims were met: Being an inspiration for others on their journey and supporting her own artistic endeavors without the need to ever compromise them on account of financial needs.

She discovered photography in 2011 at a time when both her parents fell terminally ill with cancer. Juggling with job duties while caring for two loved ones and facing loss, simultaneously she focused on ways to uplift and bring joy to her bedridden mom and dad by going on treasure hunts with the camera in the little time that was left for her parents. In an effort to capture the beauty of this world for them as a source of hope and encouragement, she unintentionally changed her own mind-set. Seeking and seeing beauty brought her peace and completely transformed her mood.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” (Wayne Dyer)

She discovered that her images can bring about the same effect in others. Her target was always to catch the magical in the things she meets, even if they seem tiny and insignificant. Showing what is already beautiful in its best light and transforming the dull into the unexpectedly attractive, has been her quest ever since.

Beyond the Glimpse offers the key to her work which covers a broad spectrum.

A Glimpse Into “Beyond the Glimpse”

Whether you want to outfit premises with art, produce calendars as Christmas gifts for your customers, need beautiful backdrops with white space for copy when creating advertisement, Beyond The Glimpse offers it all.

Choose from a plethora of images which can be arranged by theme, mood, color, technique or topic and receive custom created images in the look and feel of Beyond The Glimpse. Photographs are taken mainly in available light with exquisite technical equipment and are post edited meticulously.


Landscapes, Cityscapes & Scenery

Image of Iceland – Christiane


Abstract, Architecture & Design

More images from Christiane displayed soon
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