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Abraham's Anguish

Empathicism – Painting Outside the Lines

Looking at paintings by the masters of old, you can’t help but see how their style and impact has echoed through the ages.  The strokes, subjects and execution shown in their bodies of work created inspirational principles that artists have carried and passed for hundreds of years. From various times, movements and styles, painters have […]

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The Innocence of a Child

The Creation of Empathicism

Style (n.) \stī(-ə)l\ a : a distinctive manner of expression (as in writing or speech) b : a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself ; also : a particular mode of living c : a particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, or performed Webster’s Dictionary – Art always begins […]

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Yoonsil - La Sirene Enchanteur

The Theory Behind Empathicism

Empathicism – A new style that due to time, and exposure, can bloom into a new movement in the world of art. Founded by LORD TOPH, “Empathicism” presents itself as empathy interpreted through the painting’s subject matter, color, size, title and even stroke application. This will obviously raise questions in the art world as to […]

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Even on a Blue Day

Aim of Empathicism

A fine art style can easily establish a point of view well enovgh to steer a conversation, or set a complete atmosphere in a room. Yet often times, translation of svbject or theme is lost long before it can svccessfvlly garner an emotional connection from, and with the viewer. Many artists have fallen short of […]

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